How to Convert Diesel Engine to Biodiesel through Biodiesel Engine Conversion Kits

If you want to have a smokeless tailpipe for your car, choosing the right biodiesel engine conversion kits for your cars is the first step. Biodiesel is the fuel that is extracted from natural oils like vegetable oils and natural fats such as animal fats. The process used in this extraction is called transesterification.

Biodiesel has no harmful effects to the environment. A conversion kit will renew your diesel-powered engine and change it into an engine that will perform well using waste vegetable oil (WVO). Your fuel bills will decrease significantly. WVO can be obtained from your local or neighborhood restaurants for free.

Biodiesel engine conversion kits are readily available in the market at a very affordable price. Some expensive kits have more features, making them more users friendly. They provide you with step-by-step instructions and all the equipments necessary to adjust any kind of diesel engine to an engine that can run by using waste vegetable oils or other forms of biodiesel.

A regular conversion kit requires you to build a subsequent fuel system for your engine, regardless of whether it is a car, a truck or a van. This kind of kit is equipped with SVO tank, hoses and a heating system to be installed in the side tank or on the route to the engine. This device will bring the heat of the radiator to the added system. This device is the necessary equipment to make the switch from diesel engine to biodiesel motor and vice versa conveniently.

Normally, upon ignition, the vehicle will rev the diesel or biofuel from the first fuel tank until the machine and the SVO have been heated for an ample period of time. If and when you click a switch, the fuel will be transmitted from the SVO tank that was added instead of the first tank. You have to be aware that this entire procedure will have to be reverted. Reversing the entire procedure will facilitate the method of converting diesel engine to biodiesel. This must be done so that if the vehicle is turned off, the fuel lines will contain diesel and not waste vegetable oil.

Below are the steps on how to convert diesel engine to biodiesel

1. Check your diesel engine for rubber seals. If the car has such, purchase a metal one and replace it. Rubber seals tend to depreciate when it is in contact with vegetable oil for a long amount of time.

2. Start installing the fuel conversion kit. If you are unsure that you can do it alone, seek for professional help. Do not remove the first gas tank for fuel. It will be useful during cold weather. Set a second tank up for vegetable oil or biodiesel use.

3. Get the vegetable oil that will be used. You can acquire it through restaurants for free. Japanese and Chinese restaurants offer the cleanest oil. Restaurants will gladly furnish you with the used oil since it will save them from garbage disposal expenses.

4. Check oil consistency, amber-colored oil is the best fuel. Let the oil stand in a receptacle for around a week to keep the sediments settled at the bottom. Filter the oil to remove food particles that have remained in the fuel. Ignite your engine by using biodiesel or regular diesel from the original gas tank. Upon the warming of the vegetable oil, flip the switch to let the biodiesel to pour to the fuel source.

5. Switch to diesel or biodiesel back for a few minutes before making a stop. A period of 10 minutes is the ideal time, depending on the heat temperature. This has to be done to be sure that the vegetable oil is revved from the fuel line and injection system so that they won’t be congested if the engine reach a lower temperature.

During warm weather, the car can be ignited and can run entirely on vegetable oil. Consider utilizing a piston or injection cleaner regularly, or at least every six months to remove carbon deposits that have accumulated in the system. Just pour a 12-ounce bottle into the tank before driving.

Biodiesel is the sole kind of alternative fuel that has met the requirements of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. Biodiesel conversion kits are the necessary instruments to provide a cleaner environment. Knowing this information, you can now convert diesel car to biodiesel car.