Biodiesel Fuel: As an Alternative or a Replacement to Fossil fuel

Biodiesel fuel is intended to power standard diesel engines. It can be used alone or sometimes blended with petroleum diesel. Fuels are considered as biofuel if it consists of 80 percent renewable material. Biodiesel fuel can be produced from renewable resources such as peanuts, soybeans, animal fats and even waste food products, thus it is a fuel that has very low emission and can be replaced as fuel in diesel engines with some modifications.

Is biodiesel renewable?

Yes, because biodiesel is produced from biological renewable resources and it goes through a process of transesterification. This is a chemical process which allows the separation of glycerol molecule and methyl ester which are the chemical base for biodiesel and replaced with an alcohol molecule. And to attain this, a catalyst such as Potassium hydroxide or Sodium hydroxide is used along with methanol or ethanol.

Several uses of biodiesel are for residential and commercial heating. Biodiesel fuel is used for electrical generators as diesel backup. And for instance it can be used as a replacement for petroleum as heating oil. Furthermore the use of biodiesel in diesel fueled marine engines is another important function to reduce environmental impacts because biodiesel are less harmful than those of petroleum diesel.

Regarding environmental impact of biodiesel

This fuel does not contain hazardous material and is generally regarded to as safe for use unlike fossil fuel. But like any other fuel, certain fire safety precautions must be observed.

Another advantage concerning environmental issues about biodiesel is that is reduces greenhouse gas emission (that allow sunlight to enter the atmosphere freely and contribute to the greenhouse effect which is many believe the main cause of global warming), deforestation, pollution and the rate of biodegradation. Also a number of studies shows found out that biodiesel biodegrades faster than petroleum and conventional diesel meaning it breaks down rapidly in soil and in water leaving no toxic residues.

Important facts about biodiesel have to be known by anyone who uses it especially it effects. Biodiesel used in engines shows that it has much better lubricating properties than fossil diesel.

Biodiesel which is made from 100% animal fats will give up to 10% greater power and range. It is also believed that biodiesel which contains less 20% of animal fats will give the same power and range as fossil fuel. Biodiesel that is made from 100% vegetable oil will give an approximately 8% lower power and range and others reported up to 15 % less. If it has pros, it may also have cons on engines that are powered by biodiesel. Be aware that some cases reported that biodiesel swell natural rubber fuel lines and seals, which are used in some older cars, but any cars manufactured beyond 1990 should not encounter any problems regarding this issue due to preparations by manufacturers for low sulphur diesel which soften the hoses and seals of many cars.

Biodiesel Definition - - Learn the biodiesel definition to know its uses, benefits and disadvantages. Knowing such can increase one’s interest in the alternative sources of energy and be aware of its effect to the environment.

Biodiesel Chemistry - - In understanding biodiesel chemistry, a background in organic chemistry is necessary. Even though you only have to know its composition, you should also be knowledgeable of its raw properties and how the processes breakdowns the composition.

Transesterification Biodiesel Production - - Transesterification biodiesel is the process that can produce one of the best alternatives for conventional fuel. From vegetable oil, you can produce biofuel through this process.

What is Esterification Process - - For a lot of people these days the knowledge about what is esterification process will give them the chance to consider the chances of using biodiesel. Biodiesel fuel is environment friendly.

Biodiesel History - - Rudolf Diesel believed that biodiesel is good for the environment. This is where biodiesel history started. The fuel industry ignored his belief and manufactured petrodiesel instead.

Biodiesel Pros and Cons - - need to be informed about biodiesel pros and cons. The whole world is concerned in making the environment green and using biodiesel could be the first step. There are some biodiesel advantages and biodiesel disadvantages for us to consider.

Tiration of Biodiesel - - Titration of biodiesel is the essential part of the process of making biodiesel. Biodiesel is the fuel made from the vegetable oils and animal fats. This fuel is considered to be the best alternative source of energy.

Lubricity - - Today’s engines undergo too much wear, biodiesel lubricity is the key. With today’s conventional fuel containing no sulfur, it is a must to add an ingredient that can increase the fuel’s lubricity. Mixing it with biodiesel is your best option.

Efficiency - - Biodiesel efficiency is done by researchers to increase the overall performance of biodiesel. Tests show that using biodiesel as fuel to vehicles reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Problems - - details about the problems of biodiesel.

Microalgae Biodiesel - - With a lot of companies searching for an alternative source of energy, microalgae biodiesel is the fuel of the future. It is also good for the environment and can be easily obtained.

How to Make A Biodiesel Processor - - Most people are interested to learn about the steps on how to make biodiesel processor. Converting from diesel to biodiesel fuel is a trend. The use of vegetable oil as a fuel is a wise move.

Washing - - If you want an engine-friendly fuel, you should conduct biodiesel washing. It may take a couple of washes to get the cleanest biodiesel, but it is worth it. After this, you are now ready for the lest step which is biodiesel drying.

Drying - - Biodiesel has to be washed to keep your engine safe. After the washing process, drying biodiesel comes next. Washed biodiesel does not contain impurities.

Reactor Plans - - Simple biodiesel fuel reactor plans increases the productivity in making biodiesel. It has many versions which can help save some money and shorten the period producing biodiesel. Installing a biodiesel reactor in homes is possible but it still needs a lot of precaution and knowledge.

Calculator - - Biodiesel calculator is a big help to biodiesel producers. By using such, you can easily compute for your biodiesel’s emission, titration, savings and a lot more.

Converting Diesel to Biodiesel - - Converting diesel to biodiesel is not possible but you can mix them to produce the best kinds of fuels. The B20 fuel is a mix of 20% biofuel and 80% diesel. This mixture can be used in regular diesel engine thus there is no need to convert your engine.

Biodiesel Cost Per Gallon - - Knowing the biodiesel cost per gallon is the key to clean air. A little less than $3 can give you a liter of biodiesel. This means a cleaner emission for a lower price.

Biodiesel Conversion Cost - - A biodiesel conversion cost can help make cleaner air. A little investment goes a long way. As time passes by, you’ll realize that you can save money by using biodiesel as the fuel for your engine.

Biodiesel Conversion Kits For Trucks - - Biodiesel fuel conversion kits for trucks are readily available. They provide step-by-step instructions. Their prices vary according to the features that they carry.

Biodiesel MSDS - - A biodiesel fuel MSDS is form or a guide with data regarding the properties of a biodiesel. It includes also nay hazardous contents, proper handling and if any accidents occurred it is stated here how it should be resolved.

Biodiesel Engine Conversion Kits - - Biodiesel fuel engine conversion kits are available in the market. They are convenient to use and are user friendly. Once it is properly installed, you will have a significantly lower fuel expense.

Small Kits - - Small biodiesel fuel kits are the necessary tools you need to start producing your own source of fuel. This fuel comes from vegetable oil. These kits will provide you with all the details you need and is written in plain and simple language.

Heaters - - greater public should be informed about biodiesel heaters. Not only will they save money, but they can contribute to its environmental benefits.