Bioethanol Suppliers List for Your Reference

Bioethanol production and distribution is now an active industry thanks to the rising importance of ethanol as an alternative fuel. Despite the slow recovery of the economy, the American ethanol production is enjoying immense success. As of early 2011, ethanol plants were either operating or under construction in 29 states in the US. According to the Cardno ENTRIX economist John Urbanchuk, more than 70,000 Americans were directly involved in the overall production and distribution of ethanol. And the economic assistance provided by the healthy industry of ethanol production has allowed over 400,000 Americans to keep their jobs or find employment.

Aside from homegrown American manufacturers and distributors, there are also a lot of European bioethanol suppliers that provide America with additional renewable fuel.

Bioethanol Producers and Manufacturers

There is an important distinction between bioethanol producers and biofuel suppliers. Bioethanol producers are companies that operate plants that produce and focus only on the manufacture of ethanol. They may or may not also supply and distribute ethanol to consumers through various channels. In the United States, bioethanol producers use mainly corn as the main source of ethanol.

List of Important Bioethanol Fuel Suppliers

If you are looking for bioethanol suppliers or companies that are focused solely on the production and distribution of alcohol fuel, here are some of the most important worldwide.

The SEKAB Group. The SEKAB Group is a European company and is one of the leading ethanol producers worldwide. The company produces and distributes green chemical products but focuses mainly on bioethanol fuel. The company is also currently developing a new method of cellulose-based ethanol processing.

Green Engineering Srl. Green Engineering is also focused solely on ethanol. The company has been building ethanol plants all over the world for more than 16 years. It is one of the most important players in the ethanol industry.

American Ethanol Inc. The American Ethanol Group is a family of companies that operate various renewable energy and fuel production facilities at the community level. The company is based in California and is engaged in the manufacture of renewable fuels for flex fuel vehicles.

These are just some of the most influential bioethanol suppliers in the field.

List of Important Biofuel Suppliers

Biofuel suppliers, on the other hand, are companies that generally engage in the supply and distribution of various forms of biofuel. Biofuel is a type of fuel that derives its energy from biological carbon through biomass conversion. Take note that biofuel can be any kind of organically produced renewable fuel, and bioethanol is just one example of it.

If you are looking for a biofuel supplier that produces different types of biofuel and renewable fuel sources, here are some of your options.

ENC Energy. ENC Energy is a globally active player in the field of renewable, sustainable, and environment friendly power generation. They are engaged in biofuel production.

BUTALCO GmbH. BUTALCO GmbH is a Switzerland-based company that focuses on developing new generation production processes for biofuels and biochemical based mainly on lignocellulose. Their developments can increase bioethanol production.