Biomass Calculator is a Necessary Tool for Foresters

The measurement that foresters use quantifies the volume of trees per hectare. Yet, it is more important to know the measurement of the biomass of trees instead of the volume per hectare. This means that the amount of dry mass or dry matter that is within the trees is what has to be quantified. Biomass calculator plays an important role in this aspect to specifically determine the biomass of trees.

There are variations for biomass calculation formula. This is brought about by the differences in the consistency and components within the trees that are being considered.

In Canada, there is a tool that is being utilized in order to come up with a close estimate of tree level dry mass. This already considers the fact that in Canada, there are 41 species of indigenous forest trees. With the biomass calculation methods that are used across Canada, it factors out the mean of all coniferous, all deciduous or all the species that are being analyzed. The parts of the trees that have been considered in the calculation are the bark, branches, stem and foliage. This is applicable for every part of the tree that has 1.3 meters in diameter and 1.3 meters in height. Another aspect that has to be considered is that the method of measuring tree biomass is based on the trees that are in forest. Trees in more urbanized areas can have varying factors in terms of diameter, height and other aspects. With all the considerations, what can be achieved is the above ground biomass but this remains as a close estimate.

Generally, when it comes to coming up with a biomass calculator for the net biomass, one important thing to note down is the time or period when the computations are done. Biomatter is an organic and biological thing which also has potential to change and transform over a certain period of time.

So, the formula should be based on the general equation: Gross Increase in Biomass- Gross Decrease in Biomass = Net biomass or Net biomass is the difference between Gross Increase in Biomass, minus, Gross Decrease in Biomass. When this subtraction has been done, the difference will reflect the total amount of change for the biomass being computed. This is applicable for biomass that has changed over a particular length of time and can be considered as a more factual and realistic computation.

Biomass energy calculation is also based on the amount of dry matter that can be derived from the trees. The values are converted to tonnes and what is being focused on is the amount of powered that can be produced from a specific amount of biomass.

Calculating biomass of trees plays a big role because it enables the foresters to quantify the real conditions within an ecosystem. Biomass calculator enables foresters to come up with figures when it comes to the population of trees that can be used, whether there have been insect infestations or other causes of tree damage. The changes in the ecosystem are also reflected using these calculations. That way, people would know the measures and actions that have to be done.