Biomass Cycle Efficiently Reduces Environmental Pollution

Biomass has a great potential to provide alternative power which can cover for man’s daily energy needs. The reason why biomass is efficient in providing energy is because of the carbon that it contains. Biomass materials are made up of plants, crops, municipal waste, manure and wastes from agriculture and lumber industry. All these contain high amount of carbon which can be converted into power. Biomass cycle will further clarify how energy can be derived from biomass materials.

What is the biomass cycle?

Biomass cycle involves the conversion of carbon in biomass materials into usable energy. It is also interconnected with the carbon cycle of nature. There is no way that biomass can be excluded from nature because all life forms have carbon in it and the biomass materials are made up of once living things. The cycle of biomass covers the collection, decomposition and conversion of the materials from which sustainable energy can be generated.

What is the importance of biomass in the global carbon cycle?

The carbon found in living things also affects nature. It can both be beneficial and harmful for the environment. The method of using the carbon is what determines if it will work positively or negatively for the planet. When extensive amount of carbon is released to the atmosphere, it can contribute to the depletion of ozone layer and can worsen the green house effect.

Biomass contributes a lot when it comes to regulating the amount of carbon being emitted to the atmosphere. Yes, there is an abundant amount of carbon in biomass materials. The good thing is that this carbon is converted so that natural gas may be created. That is what makes biomass energy far more environment friendly than fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels emit too much carbon when used as an energy source. The by product of fossil fuels is carbon dioxide which is destructive for the environment. With the use of biomass energy, the amount of carbon dioxide that is released by fossil fuels to the atmosphere will be greatly decreased.

Even the processes involved in using biomass as source of energy contribute to saving the environment from pollution. First, the carbon being emitted by waste in landfills are collected and converted to methane. This is a natural gas that can be used as source of thermal energy. Second, the crops and plants that was grown for power generation will use up the carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen. Third, biomass energy will reduce fossil fuel burning. Biomass carbon cycle does not just reduce pollution it even converts the possible pollutants into usable energy.

What is the relevance of biomass gasification combined cycle?

Actions have been done to reduce the negative effects of fossil fuels into the atmosphere. The integrated biomass gasification combined cycle is a method which converts coal before it is used for combustion. This process results to production of syngas. This emits fewer pollutants to the atmosphere.

Yes, coal can be made more environment friendly. Problem is, fact remains that the fossil fuels are fast depleting and it can not possibly be reproduced. With biomass, sustainable energy can be produced, pollutants will be decreased and the non renewable sources will be conserved.