Removing Moisture From Biomass Using Biomass Dryers

Biomass dryers are important when it comes to converting biomass materials to a form that can be directly used as fuel for energy. Biomass materials are composed of wood, branches, crops, and other biological materials. These contain moisture. It can be used directly to provide energy but converting the biomass materials make it more efficient in generating biomass power. The use of dryers can change the form of biomass materials to biofuel.

Biomass drying technology has a lot of benefits. It should be done not just because it converts biomatter to an efficient energy source. Raw materials can have a big volume so storing, transporting and even using it becomes difficult and expensive. Furthermore, the decomposition can not be stopped and directly using raw biomatter can also produce pollutants. Biomass dryer systems turn biomatter to smaller and uniform biogas which is more convenient to handle and use.

Some people tend to confuse biomass heater with biomass dryers. Biomass heaters produce thermal energy which can be used for industries and homes. dryer on the other hand, converts raw biomass material to biofuel that can generate power.

Traditional dryers may still need large amount of heat and energy just to be able to draw moisture out of the biomass materials. A few years back, these types of dryer can be counter productive. That is because to be able to produce the amount of energy needed to eliminate moisture, fossil fuels may be necessary. The good thing is that with new innovations there are more efficient ways of drawing moisture out of biomatter. The process is already faster and the heat needed is less.

Biomass drying process consists of several different stages. Wet biomass material is placed inside the dryer. The components of the dryers begin to function. The fuel boilers, inlet, exhaust blower and air lock are important in the process. Hot air will come from the fuel boiler. This hot air draws moisture out of the biomass materials and then it goes out of the exhaust blower. There may be different types of biomass dryer but the basic process remains the same.

Biomass dryers can handle processing various biomass materials that still have moisture. Some biomatter though has to be pre treated before it can be placed in the dryer. The key in drawing moisture out of the biomass material is to provide sufficient hot air. This hot air will be produced by heating up the boiler. Once the moisture is out, the heater then expels the dried biomatter.

After being processed, biofuel is then produced. This comes in a solid and similar form which can be easily transported, stored and used. Biomass dryer can already draw out 30 to 60 percent of moisture. Yet, there are still biomass grain dryer which can improve the quality of the end product. This further removes moisture making it more efficient when it comes to providing energy.

These days, there are different dryers that can be easily bought. There are industrial heaters which are used for massive production and there are portable ones. You can also find biomass heater that works for a specific biomass material like wood, sawdust, straw or crops.