Where to Start Explaining Biomass Energy for Kids

If we would really want to make significant change in our environment, the effort from every person is important. Kids also play a big role in improving the status of the environment. Their little steps contribute to a big change.

So, it is important to make easier explanation of biomass energy for kids. We have to make them aware even at an early stage. If they can understand the concept of it while they are still young, it is easier for them to adapt to it while growing up. In no time, they will be the ones who would take charge. When that time comes, the concept of using biomass energy will be nothing new. In the aspect of using biomass for alternative energy source, less confusion means more progress.

How to Explain Biomass Energy for Kids: The Basic Information

There are different renewable energy sources like the sun, wind and water. When these are being used, the use of fossil fuels like oil and coal will be reduced. Why is it important to lessen the use of fossil fuels? That is because fossil fuels are fast slowly disappearing. This means that when we use them up, it does not get replaced anymore.

Fossil fuels can not be created by man. Only the geological process in nature can replace it. We use fossil fuels a lot but nature takes a long time before replacing oil and coal. So, it is possible that there will come a time when the fossil fuels will already be gone. Biomass can possibly be an alternative energy source. That way, we can have clean energy to use and it would not use up more of nature’s resources.

What is Biomass for Kids: Letting Them Know the Details

Kids may find it quite amazing that biomass power can actually come from plants. What is even more fascinating for them is that biomass energy may come from waste materials like the daily household trash, branches, agricultural wastes and even manure.

How can plants have enough power? Plants and crops like corn and sugarcane absorb energy from the sun. While still alive, the plants and crops give off energy that can be used by man when it is processed well. These can also be harvested and then converted to energy in the form of fuel. For example, corn will be harvested from the field. Then, it will be placed in a machine that will remove the moisture in it. After that, it will be processed so that when it comes out, it already looks like pellets. These pellets can be used to produce heat, also called as thermal energy.

How can garbage provide biomass energy? Wastes and garbage are also useful source of sustainable energy. This means that when garbage and waste produce energy that can be used by man, it does not use up any of the resources that are already starting to disappear.

When wastes start to decompose, it emits a gas that can be used as source of energy. This is collected and processed. The typical product of collecting gas from garbage is methane gas. It is a type of biofuel which can be directly used in houses and factories as a source of alternative energy.