Biomass Facts That Will Interest You

If you think that the discussion about biomass energy is such a drag, then you probably have not heard about the most interesting biomass facts. Deriving energy from materials that we thought was useless is actually fascinating. Imagine, agricultural wastes, municipal waste, garbage, plants ,crops and manure can actually be used to produce alternative energy.

Learning more about biomass is beneficial not just for nature but for man as well. When more people are aware about biomass facts, it is easier to adapt to it and really incorporate it in our daily lives. More knowledge means more progress. So, do not think that biomass is such a boring discussion. Here are some biomass facts that can catch your attention:

• Biomass history can be traced back to the days of the cavemen. When they first made fire, they used tree branches and other organic materials around them. These are the same materials that we use now as biomass.

• Use of biomass stove started to flourish in the 1970s.

• The first time that a car was able to run on biogas was still back in the 1980s. Biomass materials were fermented and the by product was used as gasoline.

• Using biomass for energy will not consume the remaining fossil fuels. We can prevent the complete extinction of coal and oil if we start generating power from biomass today.

• Facts about biomass prove that it can be efficient in producing energy. So far, 14% of the world’s demand for energy is supplied by biomass.

• As of 2010, 4% of the energy consumed in the United States is supplied by biomass. Biomatter from wood supplies 46%, ethanol contributes 43% and the other 11% is from municipal waste.

Biogas can be collected from decomposing waste, garbage and manure. This is processed and compressed so it can be used as thermal energy for the typical household kitchen.

• Boilers for industrial establishments and even homes can already be powered by biogas.

• Biomass like corn, wheat and sugar cane can produce ethanol. This can potentially replace gasoline for powering up engines.

There is a multitude of benefits if biomass is further developed as a source of alternative energy. Yet, things do not always come up perfectly, right? Amidst all the positive things, there are also some problems with biomass energy that we have to deal with.

One of the concerns today is the cost of biomass. Because there is a limitation in the technology that we use for deriving energy from biomass, it can be a bit costly. Harvesting, collecting and converting the biomatter to usable energy may be quite expensive. Aside from that, if biomatter is not processed well, it also has the tendency to emit pollutant gas especially if it is directly incinerated. It is significantly lower than pollution from fossil fuels but it is far better if this is resolved.

The good news is that scientists and researchers are not stopping in order to develop biomass energy further. There are even biomass training courses being offered so that industries can start using biomass energy. Even the households and small farms are becoming more aware about the use of biomass energy for their daily needs.


Stobart Biomass Supports Alternative Energy Production in U.K

Stobart Group is a leading company when it comes to multimodal logistics warehousing and biomass fuel. The company has 40 sites scattered within United Kingdom and Europe. The name Eddi Stobart has paved way to road haulage fleet with 2,250 tractor units and more than 6 million square feet of warehouse. The most fascinating offer from the company is Stobart Biomass which is a great contribution in promoting the use of renewable energy from biomass materials. Stobart Biomass supplies sustainable energy fuel that has low carbon emission.

When Stobart Biomass was launched, this became a milestone when it comes to generating alternative energy. It was a new endeavour for the group but was also a major contribution to further protecting the environment. Stobart Biomass sources out the raw biomass materials that they use. They are able to contribute in the production of biofuel that has low carbon emission using timber and low grade soft wood. It is efficient for supplying the needed energy for large scale plants and even for small scale industries.

The biomass sources and supply of Stobart Biomass should also be credited to A.W Jenkinson Forest Products. They are the biggest supplier for wood chips and wood bark. Working together with Stobart Group, they were able to come up with Stobart Biomass Products Limited.

Stobart Biomass aims to provide sufficient alternative energy resource for more industries. The ball is really within the Stobart Group’s court as they will be providing the transportation and haulage for the raw biomass materials. The biomass market is rapidly growing and the demands are becoming higher by the day. The facilities and services from Stobart Group are essential in the process. Because of Stobart biomass logistics, acquisition of long term and wide range biomass fuel production was even more possible.

From studies and researches that were released on 2008, it was reflected that 80% of the renewable energy that is being used in the United Kingdom is derived from biomass materials. So, all in all, biomass is capable of covering for 25% of the total energy in the U.K.

The United Kingdom government continues to strengthen the reduction of carbon footprint. It is targeted to lessen the use of fossil fuels. So, the government strongly promotes utilization of alternative energy sources. Currently, they are running on 8% energy derived from renewable sources. By 2020, the country is targeting for 31%.

The importance of Stobart Group comes in because it is a fact that 40% of the cost in producing biomass fuel is from transportation and logistics. Biomass exports make the cost of production go up without participative companies like Stobart. Since the company takes care of this aspect, the process becomes much easier and less costly.

Stobart Biomass should be commended for participating in the continuous progress of energy derivation from biomass materials. Companies like Stobart make it possible to change the system of energy production in the world. Hopefully more and more companies would take part in this. That way, use of fossil fuels can be significantly reduced and the remaining resources that we have may be preserved.