Reduced Lumber Industry Waster Due to Use of Biomass Harvester

The increasing popularity of using biomass as source of energy contributes a lot of positive effects for the environment. Biomass energy decreases the demand for fossil fuels like coal and oil. These non-renewable are preserved because biomass partially covers for the energy needs of man. With further developments on the biomass technology, it is absolutely possible that eventually, biomass will generate more electricity than what it can give now. Aside from that, the use of biomass energy also promotes forest health. How? The biomass harvester is the main cause why it is easier to maintain the forests’ natural state.

For the lumber industry, it has always been a challenge how to get rid of the dying trees, slashed wood and dead timber. These things can be a hazard for the forest because it can start up fire. Traditionally, these residues of the lumber industry are being burned but that was when people were less aware of the negative effects of it. Burning those materials emit air pollutants that will further harm the environment. The right solution to the problem is to use harvester.

Biomass harvesting is an environment friendly way of collecting the waste materials from the lumber industry. The dead wood, dried lumber and all other residues are removed from the forest which also prevents forest fires. These materials are then converted to biomass material which has a whole new purpose. And that is to produce efficient alternative energy. All thanks to harvester, the problem about maintaining forest has been resolved, the environment is protected and alternative power is gained in the process.

A few years back, foresters use the conventional way of harvesting biomass materials. Wood materials that can be used for biomass energy production are separately collected after lumber operations. Then, this are transported to biomass facilities where it is processed and converted. As more innovations were developed, the biomass harvesting systems evolved too.

These days, biomass harvester equipment does the job of collecting lumber waste. It is a machine that is operated solely to collect woody materials from forest. There are a lot of different types of machineries that have been developed by companies. As years go by, each newer model seems to improve more and more. The harvester is capable of going through the forest grounds, sweeping through the dead lumber, stump and other wastes of the lumber industry. When using machineries, the biomass harvesting costs may escalate but when computed, it is still more efficient. That is because it does the job much faster than the traditional method.

To regulate the collection of wood biomass materials from the forest, biomass harvesting guidelines have to be properly observed. This is to prevent excessive harvesting that will also cause adverse effect to the forests’ health. So far, the United States and Canada have been very aggressive in setting their guidelines. It would be a good thing if other countries would do the same too. The only concern is the proper implementation of the guidelines. Will this depend only on the ethics of the foresters? Proper observance and strict implementation is the key in protecting the forests.