Commercial Biomass Boilers for More Savings

The use of commercial biomass boilers has been intensified these days more than ever. Now, a lot of industrial establishments have opted to use biomass boiler especially for their thermal energy needs. Hospitals, schools, farms and other commercial centers are able to find ways on how to get sustainable energy from biomass.

An example of an industry that is already turning to biomass energy is the steel manufacturing industry. It takes intensive heat to be able to mold, weld and produce steel. Because they aim to conserve on fossil fuels and expenses, these companies turn to commercial biomass boilers.

In Northern Carolina, there is also an onion processing plant that is able to save over $100,000 per year just because they turned to biomass power. Yes, they initially had to invest for the system of producing energy using biomass but the return of investment was well worth it.

Biomass energy offers multiple benefits for commercial establishments.

First, it uses up wastes and other organic materials to be able to generate power.

Second, this reduces the demand for fossil fuels. Aside from the fact that the fossil fuels are already fast depleting, it also blows up the budget and expenses of various industries. Fossil fuels are difficult to get and tedious to process so the price for it has gone out of proportion. By using commercial biomass boilers, the companies are able to contribute a lot in preserving and protecting the environment. At the same time, they were also able to lower their overhead expenses.

Industrial biomass boilers are powered by renewable fuel derived from biomass materials. The most common type of biomass boiler today are the ones which uses biofuel like wood pellets, logs or chips. This type of biofuel are created by processing it in a machine, drawing moisture out of the wood biomass and then turning it into small and uniformly sized biofuel. The wood pellets, logs and chips are efficient source of thermal energy once it is dried properly.

There are thousands of biomass boilers manufacturers these days and that is a good thing. Anywhere you are around the globe, you can easily find a company which makes biomass powered equipment that can provide heating system. Over the years, the facilities just keep getting better and better.

Typically, the industrial boilers can have thermal energy output that is from 200 kW up to 6 MW. Some of the more powerful ones can even go as high as 24 MW. These are efficient for producing hot water, CHP steam and even chilling. Imagine, if this amount of energy were derived from fossil fuels, how many tons of oil and coal will be consumed everyday? So, when the commercial establishments turned to biomass energy, it led to preservation of the fossil fuels. Furthermore, even the CO2 emission was greatly reduced.

If commercial estabishments were able to utilize biomass energy for their overwhelming demands, more and more homes should start converting to it too. Afterall, domestic biomass boilers can be easily installed these days as it also has the same dimensions as the traditional boilers. More people will be able to contribute to environment protection and it will also allow them to save a lot of money.


Hoval Biomass Boilers Dominate UK for Heating Systems

Hoval takes pride in being the leading company for heating and cooling systems that are environment friendly. The company has gained the trust and commendation across Europe because of their continuous contribution to the protection of the environment. Hoval Limited dominates the United Kingdom as a branch of the internationally renowned Hoval Group which is based in Liechtenstein. For years, the United Kingdom has depended on Hoval Boilers UK for various heating equipment. The company specializes in heating system for industrial establishments like Hoval biomass boilers and other related equipment. Their list of clients includes sports stadia, schools, hospitals, hotels, museums, offices and even prison. The reputation and great service of the company is even recognized by the Buckingham Palace and the Windsor Caste.

Hoval biomass boilers are just among the various equipments for cooling and heating that the company specializes in. When it comes to industrial heating and hot water solutions, Hoval presents a lot of different options. They do have systems that use up fossil fuels. Yet, Hoval’s list of products & systems include those which utilizes renewable energy. They have the traditional gas Hoval boilers, oil boilers, condensing gas boiler, condensing oil boiler, wood chip boilers, wood pellet boilers, solar thermal, CHP, heat pump and pressure vessels.

The good thing is that Hoval’s commercial biomass boilers are increasing in popularity. More and more establishments across the United Kingdom are having commercial gas boilers and CHP systems that work with Hoval biomass boilers, wood chip boilers and wood pellet boilers. This is great because it further strengthens the goal to reduce the use of fossil fuels and depend more on alternative energy sources.

Hoval is a strong supporter of the Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI. It is a government funded scheme for use of equipments that utilizes renewable energy. Seminars are being conducted so that more and more people will become aware of the mechanics of RHI.

Among the Hoval equipments which qualify for the RHI are their biomass boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal equipment.

They have the BioLyt wood pellet burning boiler. It comes in different capacities like the 50kW, 70 kW and 160kW. Each has fully automatic pellet feed, heat exchange cleaner and an integrated ash box for easier ash removal. Aside from the BioLyt, Hoval also has the Forester wood chip burner and the Ceramic Filter or CF. The Forester wood chip burner ranges from 180kW up to 2000kW and the Ceramic Filter gets rid of particulates to PM 2.5.

Hoval does not only utilize biomass energy in their equipment. They also have the thermal energy collectors. This system can also be used to heating and producing hot water. It is called the Belaria commercial air to water heat pump which ranges from 10kW up to 30kW.

Hoval is successful in providing industrial equipment which utilizes renewable energy because they have covered all aspects when it comes to producing heat. Their solar and heat pumps are carefully designed and engineered so that it will work along well with their wide variety of condensing boilers, high efficiency boilers, calorifiers, pressurization equipment and buffer vessels.