Get a Better Grasp of the Flow of Processes with the Diagram of Geothermal Energy

Though the concept and the idea of harnessing geothermal power is becoming popular for the mainstream consumers, still there are certain segment of the population that find it hard to understand and grasp its operations. The operations on how is geothermal energy produced and how this is stored can be quite complex, and it’s understandable for some to miss out some details. If you are part of that crowd wanting to know more about the geothermal system and how this is generated, then it would be valuable to check out a posted diagram of geothermal energy. This will help you understand the process of energy generation more, from the production area up until the generation and distribution of electricity.

One specific diagram of geothermal energy that can be consulted is the geothermal power station. The diagrams that you will see online will trace the basic design of the dry steam plant, from the generation of the heat from the well until the generation of electricity.

Most of the diagrams of geothermal energy focus on the dry steam power plant since this are considered as the oldest design that dates back to the 1900s. Another reason for the popularity of the diagram is that the design is simple which makes it easy for students and professionals to understand, and the design is considered to be effective as well when used right now. The diagrams that can be downloaded online will show the operations of the power station, and how the station will extract the heat and the steam from deep within the layers below the surface. This sourcing of the heat and the steam is done on the production well.

There are three methods on how the drilling for heat and steam are made. The list includes the high temperature-water dominated reservoirs, the use of steam-dominated reservoirs and the use of the low-temperature and water-dominated reservoirs.

For the high-temperature and the water-dominated reservoir, the tools used for drilling are similar to those that are used in oil and gas wells. Here, the conventional rotary drilling rigs are used together with the other drilling equipments. For the steam-dominated reservoirs, the well is drilled using the drilling mud above the first steam entry. After this, a high pressure air is used.

The other technology is through the use of the low-temperature and water-dominated reservoirs. The tools used here are similar to the tools used in drilling water wells.

Geothermal energy diagram traces direction of steam, from injection well to turbine to generator

The diagram will also show arrows where the steam course through as it rise to the turbine, and eventually turns the turbine and the generator that allows for the generation of power. The process will always start with the geothermal production well, and this is the area where the fluid heated by the Earth is produced.

In geothermal power generation, the fluid could either be steam or hot water. Many diagrams will show the use of the injection wells. This is chosen since this allows for the safe disposal of the hydrothermal fluids. The use of these wells also avoids subsidence that may cause damage to properties.