Ethanol Heater – An Eco-Friendly Way to Bring Warmth Into Your Home

If you live in an apartment or a small home, you may be restricted in terms of what kind of heater you can use. Your first choice would most likely be an electric heater, but this is a costly choice since it requires a lot of power and would certainly lead to a spike in your electricity bills. One of the better options for you is an ethanol heater.

How It Works

An ethanol heater is a heating system that burns ethanol fuel to create heat. Ethanol fuel is a renewable fuel and is currently the most widely promoted alternative to gasoline/petroleum. Technically, ethanol fuel is made of alcohol mixed with regular gasoline. It comes in two main blends, E85 and E10, 85 and 10 being the percentage of ethanol in the mixture. By decreasing the amount of gasoline, ethanol fuels also effectively reduce carbon emissions.

Ethanol is produced using organic biomass materials that are converted into sugar form and fermented. Once mixed with gasoline, ethanol, which is the same alcohol used in alcoholic beverages, becomes a type of renewable fuel that can power up engines, produce light in the form of flames, and generate heat.

Advantages of Ethanol Heaters

Ethanol heaters are heating systems that use ethanol as their main source of heat. This kind of heater has several key advantages over other heater types. First of all, ethanol heating is environment-friendly. Ethanol-fueled heaters burn ethanol in order to produce heat. When ethanol is burned, it produces water and very low levels of carbon dioxide, unlike regular heating sources that tend to pollute the atmosphere.

Second, an ethanol powered heater will not release fumes, so you won’t need to worry much about ventilation. Ethanol heating is 100% safe for your home.

Thirdly, ethanol heaters these days come in sleek, modern designs that look nice in any room unlike the traditional bulky heating systems. They also come in various sizes to match room sizes. Some can even be mounted onto walls so they don’t take up any floor space at all.

Ethanol powered heaters are generally affordable. The main cost concern, however, is mostly due to the cost of ethanol fuel.

Other Ethanol Heating Equipment

Aside from ethanol heaters, you can also buy ethanol fireplace kits to serve as your main heating source. Fireplaces are nice, quaint additions to any home, aside from serving as a heater. And since there are DIY ethanol fireplace kits out there that will help you set up a fireplace without a chimney or a flue, there’s no reason to pollute the environment and burn good wood anymore. Besides, there are just some areas that do not allow wood-burning fireplaces; in such cases, a bioethanol fireplace offers a great alternative.

Ethanol stoves, also called alcohol stoves, are now also widely available. These stoves do not need to use electricity to work. They produce heat by burning ethanol, and since ethanol does not produce smelly smoke, using ethanol stoves also helps keep the atmosphere at home clean and safe.

Take note, however, that heaters, burners, fireplaces, and stoves that burn ethanol mostly run using low ethanol concentrations.