Free Water Wheel Plans are Readily Available to Serve as Your Guide

For someone involved with having his own ‘play area’ of manually producing small amount of power from free-flowing and flowing water, then a check with available free water wheel plans may be in order. These plans are readily available online and some are downloadable, and the good thing about these plans for waterwheels is that they are easy to implement and the materials and the resources that will be used are easy to source.

Now the water wheel projects and designs that can be accessed online come in many forms, and this is due to the variation of wheels now available.

There are different types of water wheels available, and its best that you should be aware of these different types and the differences among these wheels.

One such design type is for the horizontal wheel. The internet is home to these water wheel designs.

Free designs are available that can meet the demands of the enthusiasts and the DIY-type of person. For this kind of design, the wheel is mounted on the side of the mill building and just below the floor.

There will be a jet of water that is directed to the paddles of the wheel, and this is the force that turns the wheel. Of all the wheel designs out online, consider this as the simplest type.

Another design that is popular online is for the undershot type of wheel. This is vertically-mounted which is rotated by the water that strike the blades fitted at the bottom of the wheel (this is the reason why this is called as undershot). The problem with this kind of design is that this is generally less efficient and considered as the oldest type of the wheel. But the good thing about this design is that this is easy to implement and this can be implemented at less cost.

If you plan to build a water wheel, another interesting design is for the overshot wheel. Again, the wheel is vertically-mounted and this is rotated by the falling water that strikes the paddle or blades that are on top of the wheel (thus the name overshot). For this type of wooden water wheel design, the water is channeled to the wheel on top and to one side to the direction of the rotation.

The water is collected by the buckets on the side of the wheel which makes the other side lighter. It is the weight that turns the wheel and produces the mechanical energy.

Another interesting design for the water wheel is the back shot wheel where the water is introduced behind the summit of the wooden wheel. The other bases for the designs of these wheels are the breast shot and the hydraulic wheel.

All these designs have their own pros and cons, at least in terms of complexity and costs. But the good thing is that these are readily available online and that there are free water wheel plans. For those wanting to get the plans for free, the internet is the best place to check.