Geothermal Basics: Geothermal Energy for Kids

Ever wondered how the electricity is produced, and where is the actual source of the energy? The television, mobile phones and the computers will definitely not work without being powered by electricity.

In order to fully appreciate all the modern conveniences presented to the present generation, there must be electricity that will power all these. Right now, there are multiple sources of electricity. But the main source of electricity is the plants that are powered by fossil fuels like crude oil that is sourced from under the Earth. But the problem with this is that this source is non-renewable, meaning the fossil fuels can be depleted.

But the good news is that there are up-and coming renewable and sustainable sources of energy. For example, leading the charge is the geothermal power. The operations and the generation of the electricity through this resource are easy to understand since there are resources that focus on geothermal energy for kids. Most of these resources on geothermal energy for kids, including this one are designed to let the young minds have a better grasp of the renewable energy resource and to fully appreciate what geothermal has to offer.

Geothermal is a fusion of two words, Geo+ therme

The word ‘geothermal’ is taken from two Greek words, geo which means ‘Earth’ and therme which means ‘heat’. Simply put, geothermal energy is the energy that is sourced from the Earth.

The heat can be recovered and sourced from under the ground through steam or hot water. And this heat can be used to warm the buildings and at the same time to generate electricity. One of the most common applications for this energy is through geothermal heating and cooling and this is made possible by the geothermal heat pumps.

A substantial number of the geothermal energy projects are focused on the heating and cooling for homes and businesses since the federal government is promoting for its use. The heat pumps connect to the Earth through a series of pipes which are buried in the ground near the structure that it will condition. The loops or pipes are buried vertically or horizontally and these pipes will circulate the fluid that will absorb the heat and or transfer the heat to the soil depending on the climate. The other application of geothermal energy is for electricity generation and this is made possible by the geothermal power plants.

Other interesting facts about geothermal energy

There is more to discover about this type of energy. And it is important to learn more about the fun and small things and information about geothermal as these help in geothermal education and training for kids and the young learners.

For example, did you know that geothermal energy may find its way to the surface as well? This process can be seen in active volcanoes and fumaroles, hot springs and geysers.

And did you know that the best sources for this energy are the areas that are found along the major plate boundaries where earthquakes are regularly reported? This area encircles the Pacific Ocean, and the reason why geothermal energy is present in the United States and many Asian countries including the Philippines.