Quick Listing of Hydroelectricity Facts for Kids

Electricity is one interesting subject. What will happen to the Television, the personal computer, your mobile phone and the microwave if there is no electrical source? Life can be dark and bland. That is how powerful electricity is, and these are reasons why this topic should not be taken for consideration. But do you know your electricity? Or are you one of those who take electricity for granted? If you are still in the dark about what makes things work, then now is the time to understand the sources of electricity, and learn some of the important facts about this energy.

When you speak about the homes’ energy source, you can count on hydroelectric energy as one important source. The electricity is sourced from water, and often power production is concentrated in the dam. The operations of the hydroelectricity power plant can be quite tricky, so this content will present the topic of hydroelectric power generation in words and languages understandable by kids and the young at heart. Presented below are some interesting hydroelectricity facts for kids. These are facts and important information that will let you realize how important this energy source is.

Hydro power starting to get noticed

Did you know that the United States is the biggest consumer of electricity in the world? This can be expected since there are a number of industries based and located in the US. The households and the industries are the biggest ‘eaters’ of energy in the country. And of the energy produced, still petroleum is the largest source of electricity in the country.

But one electrical source is slowly but surely registering in the minds of consumers and policy makers- hydroelectric energy. This is considered as one of the energy sources of the future so it’s wise that this energy source should be properly understood. But going into the subject can be too technical and boring, and to counter this here are fun facts and information. Simply put, the following is hydroelectricity for kids :

Interesting Fact 1: Did you know that over half of the hydroelectric power generation is centered on three states in the US? You can found these in the states of Washington, California and Oregon. Of this three, the biggest contributor is the state of Washington where you can find the country’s largest hydroelectric power plant which is the Grand Coulee Dam.

Interesting Fact 2: Majority of the dams used for power generation are built by the Federal Government, including the Grand Coulee Dam.

Interesting Fact 3: Hydroelectric power is considered as the oldest source of energy. This was first used thousands of years ago that was used to turn the paddle wheel, which was in turn used to grind the grain. Also, it was in 1880 when the US first used the plant industrially and this was used in the Wolverine Chair Factory in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Interesting Fact 4: The first US hydroelectric plant was constructed in the Fox River in Wisconsin on September 30, 1882.

There is more to discover about this electricity source. And more hydroelectricity facts for kids are available that can get you entertained. Continue discovering what water can do, and you’ll soon realize how lucky this planet is to be surrounded with more than 70 percent water!