Pool Solar Panel: Why Use Them?

A lot of people are in the same situation; this is the reason why the number of individuals investing on pool solar panel is increasing every year.

Solar panels for swimming pool will save you lots of money and reduce green house gas emissions as it is very much environment-friendly. Using it on your pool will allow you to swim anytime you want and you’ll never have to worry about cold freezing water ever again.

Using solar panels for swimming pools

Solar panels for swimming pools are not that difficult to use as most of the materials you’ll be needing to set one up are already available in your existing pool. In fact, there are only slight modifications that you need to perform in order to get your pool solar panel working.

With the way your pool is set up now, your water pump will get the water out of the pool and it will push the water through a filter system to remove debris. Then, it will push the clean water back out to your pool. If you want to use solar panels, it’s a must that you have a solar heating system and you must also add new pipes.

These pipes would then bring the water to the pool solar panel. The sun would then work its magic by sending out its light and heats the water located in the solar panel and then goes through the cycle of returning the now heated water back to your pool. It’s that simple!

Additional factors to consider

Before you even set up your swimming pool solar heater panel, make sure you know where the sun will be coming from. At times, it will not work if the area or location of your pool is heavily shaded. You also need to figure out how much solar heating you’re going to need. It is crucial that you know this information to make sure that you’re going to get your desired results.

The material that you will be looking for are commonly made of heavy rubber or dark plastic with ultraviolet inhibitors. By the way, these are not expensive at all. Once you start installing, make sure to locate a flat surface that has direct contact with sunlight and consider the size of your water pump. You want one that is capable of carrying the water up to where the solar collectors are located.

The sun can actually make the water on your pool extremely hot. In order to avoid that from happening, it is suggested that you install diverter valves as well. These will allow you to have direct control if you want the water to pass through the panels or not.

"You can get above ground pool solar panels as well as inground solar panels". It is just a matter of which one you prefer or which ones will better fit your needs.

Can it be repaired?

Yes it can! Swimming pool solar panel repair is very easy. No one said that they wouldn’t break. But over the course of time and due to different weather conditions, these can also be damaged. If this happens to your solar panels, consider this basic guide when repairing them:

1. Go ahead and turn on the heating system and let the water run the cycle. If you notice leaks from the tubes, use markers to identify the drip lines.

2. Next is to turn off the pool pump and let it dry for awhile.

3. Check out the brand of the solar panel you have and do a quick search on the internet to look for an appropriate kit that comes with a tube cutting tool and tapered rubber plugs.

4. Use the cutting device to remove at least 1 inch of the leaking tube near the top and bottom.

5. Then, go ahead and push a repair plug. Each brand comes with its own plug. Make sure to use those that belong to the same brand. This should help you fix the leaks quickly.