How to Power Up Your Boat the Cheap and Easy Way with Solar Battery Chargers for Boats

One of the cheapest ways to power up your boat is to use solar battery chargers for boats. This way, you can make use of the free energy offered by the sun and save thousands of money in charging boat batteries. As an added benefit, you can also use free solar energy to add some some additional luxuries and convenient boat features such as your GPS, navigation system, lighting, and so on.

You can avail of this ingenious and cost-saving new technology by investing in a complete solar boat battery charger kit that includes the charger, charge controller, solar panels, mounting equipment, and wiring so you can just unpack and install.

How to Choose A Solar Powered Battery Charger for Boat

Before you buy your solar battery charger for boats, do a bit of comparison shopping to compare the different types of chargers available and some research so you know exactly what specific type of charger you should buy.

Before anything else, check your boat batteries to see what kind it is. Generally, all solar chargers can be used with most batteries, but it is best to be sure when you start shopping.

You should also find out how many amperes per hour the battery can store so you can determine the ideal wattage for your solar powered boat battery charger. If you have a 115-amp hours battery, a 15-watt solar charger can achieve a full charge in 92 hours when you start out on a completely empty battery. So if you use your boat batteries a lot and continuously for long periods, it is better to invest in a solar charger with higher capacity. If you don’t use your batteries a lot and you just need the solar charger to keep your battery from draining, a low capacity charger attached to a charge controller can do the trick.

You should also look for some ideal features that will come in handy. For example, a battery maintainer can help lengthen the life span of your battery by monitoring the charge and stopping it once the battery is fully charged.

How to Install Solar Boat Battery Chargers

To install solar battery chargers for boats, pick a location on your boat for the solar panels. Make sure the panels can easily be connected to the solar charge controller that will regulate the power and charge the battery. When installing the panels, make sure they are perpendicular to the rays of the sun; this way the panels get maximum exposure and also provide maximum output for you to use. However, since you are limited to the the available space in your boat, you may settle for a horizontal position as long as the panels are not shaded by anything.

Most solar battery chargers for boats already include wiring in their kits; the wiring is to be used to connect the panels to the charge controller.

Make sure to take advantage of this boat battery charging alternative; it’s completely free, and since the solar panels will be well exposed to sunlight while they’re on the boat, this makes charging boat battery not just affordable but also easy.