Important Milestone in Solar Energy History

Learning about solar energy history is very crucial. It gives knowledge to people on how the solar energy has help mankind in so many ways. It also is a good source when it comes to identifying causes of global warming and preventions that people can do to contribute to a healthier environment.

When did solar energy history start?

Once upon a time, nobody really cared if we exhausted all our natural resources such as oil and coal. Until one day in 1838, a man named Edmund Becquerel started to discover about materials that can turn the energy of the sun into useable energy for man. But despite those amazing discoveries, the ideas were set aside for so many years.

It was also during this year that photovoltaic history started. The history of solar cars owes it existence due to this. There were laboratories used to race cars that ran with the force of the sun. It will be during the year 1983, that the first solar car race will happen.

Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins were the first solar race car drivers known. This race happened in Sydney, Australia.

After many years, solar energy was again tapped and it paved the way to the birth of a motor that runs with the use of solar energy.

It was during the 1860s that French monarch gave Auguste Mouchout huge funding to design or create a device that will turn solar energy into a mechanical steam. He even showed man how to make ice using the power of steam while connecting the engine to a refrigerator. Since it was an expensive project, funding was put to a stop and therefore placing the discovery aside to give way to others.

The quest continues

More people took interest and took on their own experiments and projects to learn more about solar energy. One of them was Willoughby Smith. He discovered that selenium solar cells are sensitive to light while he was conducting a test using telegraph cables underwater.

The first book on solar energy was released during 1876 to 1878. It was written by William Adams. Together with his student, they were able to discover the Power Tower concept which is still being used in modern times.

It was in the year 1883 when another milestone in solar power history was discovered. Charles Fritz turned the sun’s light into electricity.

In 1885, a Frenchman named Charles Tellier used solar energy to power up his heater in his own home. In the 20th century, solar energy history continued with further discoveries.

During the 1950s, Calvin Fuller, Gerald Pearson and Daryl Chaplin did a study that later confirmed that silicon can be used as semi-conductor, which later on led to the birth of the solar panel thus, began the solar panel history.

History still continues until now, striving to find better ways on how to do certain things. The discovery has also contributed to a lot of space exploration.

The timeline of solar energy continues and perhaps sometime in the future, everything will be running only through the use of sun’s powerful energy.