Discover the Proper Usage and Benefits of Solar Panels for Boats

Solar panels for boats can help you enjoy unlimited sailing with all the convenient perks and luxuries you want. Solar panels can rev up your boat and also provide energy to light up your boat, keep your marine fridge going, and power up other electronic appliances you can bring with you on your ocean trip. And all these won’t even cost you a lot, since solar power, after all, is free energy from a natural resource that’s present every single day: the sun.

So if you put solar panels on your boat, yacht, or ship, you will have all the electrical energy you need to complete your trip. And if you are willing to invest in a large solar power system, you can completely remove shore power and never have to pay for your boat power ever again.

Setting the Right Solar Power System for Your Boat

Solar power can be used to power the boat’s batteries as well as provide electricity for the accessories and appliances used in the boat. One system is enough to meet both purposes, as long as you get solar panels with high maximum capacity that can provide all the power you need.

The amount of energy you need depends on:

• The size of your boat’s motor

• The size of your batteries

• The appliances/accessories you want to power up

• The different solar boats models available

Don’t forget to include your fridge (if you have one on your boat), wall lights, radio, stereo, pumps, and navigation lights. Fridges use up the highest number of amperes on a boat, and it needs to be turned on at all times. So if it uses 5 amps per hour, and has to stay turned on for ten hours, you already use up 50 amperes in all.

Since you will use solar power as your main source of energy, you can also use a solar boat lift and not have to worry about energy consumption. Boat lifts are very useful, but they may cost a lot to use; fortunately, using solar energy means you can use boat lifts for free.

Once you determine how much energy you need, you will also know what kind and size of solar panel system you need. You can also have a separate solar panel for boat battery charger, and a separate one for the additional power requirements.

Make sure to research on the brands of solar panel for boat battery that you are considering to ensure they are reputed for good quality solar products.

How to Install Solar Panels for Boat Battery and Accessories

Once you order the appropriate solar panels for boats that you need, you can do the installation on your own. This way, you won’t have to pay expensive installation charges. All it takes is running some wiring from the panels to the solar boat battery charger, solar powered boat motor, or to the other appliances you want to use.

When mounting the panel on an open space in your boat, make sure the space is open to sunlight and is free from obstructions. Aside from that, remember to tilt the panels a bit facing the sun; this is the ideal position to maximize the capacity of the panel.

For the installation, you will need your solar panels, an inverter, a deep cycle battery, and electrical wiring.

The solar panel for boat battery and other electronic requirements on boats are usually known as photovoltaic modules. They come in different types, the most popular of which are silicon polycrystalline and silicon monocrystalline.

Finally, don’t forget to check out a solar panel regulator, which keeps power from bouncing back into the panel and prevents the possibility of overcharging the batteries.