Know what Solar Powered Attic Vents can do for You

Solar powered attic vents have been gaining popularity since a lot of people have started to see the benefits of having one. For starters, here are some:

1. It helps keep your attic cooler especially during day time.

2. It gives you the option to finally utilize the space.

3. Solar power attic vents absorb energy from the sun and converts it into electricity so you don’t have to worry about higher electric bills.

4. It is an energy-saving device and it is environment-friendly.

How solar powered attic vents work?

Solar powered attic vents work during daylight. They capture energy from the sun that is eventually converted into electricity. The converted energy is then used to operate the motor inside the vent. So you get to keep your attic cooler at no added cost since it will technically be powered by the sun.

Solar powered attic vents are good investments. Installing these can be hassle-free. Visit solar stores near you and you’ll find different models that you can choose from. Make sure you get the model and brand that offers features and benefits that address your specific needs. Compare each model and don’t make the price your sole determining factor. Determine the size that you need as well as consider the energy you want when buying one. Most of the models have kits for your reference. The procedures are purposely made simple to understand. But just in case you have no clue on how to go about it, make sure to consult someone who does have an idea. You don’t want to end up making mistakes when installing these solar powered vents as they can cause serious problems later on.

What are solar powered attic fans?

Another option you may want to consider is the use of solar powered gable fan. It also helps make warm areas of your home cooler and if your target is still your attic then, you can choose solar gable attic fans to get the job done. They don’t add extra cost to your electric bill since they are also powered by the sun. You even save more energy since these will help your conditioning system in keeping your house generally cooler. You can choose from a variety of models and you have the option of getting gable mounted solar attic fan depending on your needs.

All you really need to make sure of is that you know what you want and that you know how many fans you need to get your desired result. Be reminded that they don’t operate 24/7. They operate in full capacity while the sun is out and they automatically switch off when a cloud passes by. Keep in mind that you may need one fan per 150 square feet of your attic space. So do the measurements before heading off to the solar store.

Which is better to use?

The debate on attic fans vs. whole house fan continues. There are people who are convinced that the first one is better but there are other people who believe otherwise. You will see a lot of information in the internet about it. Both of these devices aim to move air but are designed to do certain things in different ways. You have the option of getting both to operate in your home since they each have their own purpose. One can operate in the day while the other can operate at night.