Southwest Wind Power and Their Pride—Air-X Wind Turbine

Southwest wind power is one of the many manufacturers of wind turbine generators. Due to the increasing interest in using natural sources of power, the market for wind turbine generators has grown and has become more competitive these days. There are enercon wind turbine, nordex wind turbines, vestas turbines, and other brands of wind powered generators that are sold in the market. There are too many wind turbines sold, but it has only one outlying concept.

The Basic Wind Generator Technology

The wind generator technology is simple at its core. All it needs is an alternator that can work together with the wind generator turbine in order to convert the harnessed kinetic energy to electricity. However, the key is efficiency. How can you ensure that the wind-powered generator that you are using is efficient? Does it output enough power to answer your needs? For that reason, the companies outdo themselves trying to create the most efficient and effective wind turbine generator. Southwest wind power is not an exception, of course.

It’s amazing how much technology for wind-powered generators have gone since the days of the old windmills (for example, ducted wind turbine). Part of this is through necessity since the rapidly depleting sources of fossil fuels have called upon the need to harness alternative sources of energy including the wind. Part of this is also due to the human tendency to make things better than they already are, which is also good.

Through the years, it has been proven that wind alone is necessary to provide the necessary energy for use with the generator. However, it has been acknowledged that improvements in technology are needed to address not only efficiency, but also provide safeguards against damage by harsh elements like gale force winds and storms. The Air-X Wind Turbine, as well as similar technology by its competitors, is the result of those efforts.

The Air-X Wind Turbine At a Look

The Air-X Wind turbine by Southwest wind power makes of use carbon based materials for its blades. As a result, there is less of the flutter noise that is associated with the older models of wind generator turbine blades. Another feature that defines Southwest Wind’s offering is its more efficient battery charging capability. Like its contemporaries, the turbine is a result of efforts by wind turbine manufacturers to produce wind power generators that are able to perform at a level that is satisfactory for their users’ needs.

Computers have made several breakthroughs in today’s world, and it has found some use even in the wind turbine market. The Air-X Wind Turbine has a processor built into it that allows it to sense changes in wind. This comes very useful during foul weather conditions. With its microprocessor, the Air-X Wind Turbine is able to shut its turbines down in order to avoid damage. This is a very important feature that the Air-X and its competitors have. Wind generators only need 8-12 miles an hour of wind velocity in order to produce the necessary results for the household, and the addition of a microprocessor greatly helps in keeping the operation limited to winds of such levels only.