SunPower PV Types

SunPower PV is the latest in solar power product lines. It is a combination of performance and aesthetics. It utilizes all black contact solar cells and the first mass produced photovoltaic (PV) or Sunpower photovoltaic modules.

This product is truly dynamic, with conversions efficiencies at almost 17 percent. It provides exceptional power density. When ordering this product, you will be given an option to order an all black design. It can give your roof an enhanced appearance making it look more attractive than awkward.

With the launch of SunPower PV, it is expected to improve its maker’s position in this $2.5 billion market. Once again, the release of this product has set new industry standards including appearance.

SunPower PV’s has two new module types and these are the following:

1. SPR -210 has a minimum power rating of 210 watts and a total module conversion efficiency that is now fast approaching to 17 percent. This product is specifically designed to be used for grid connected applications like a rooftop system and power plants.

Installing even just a few of these on your rooftop will allow you to install more kilowatts of solar power. This is because of its high conversion efficiency. This means, it lowers down your installation costs. It also comes in all-black module package (which is very pleasing on the eyes) available with a 200 W rating.

2. SPR-90 has a 90 watt rated module that is specifically designed to charge 12 volt batteries. It is designed to provide higher battery charging as compared to other products. It doesn’t matter what kind of weather, it will still work. This product is good for you since it can reduce the costs that are connected with remote power systems. That of course would include transportation, support structure, and installation labor fees.

Both types use unique A-300 all black contact Sunpower cell. This helps generate up to 50 percent more power compared to other products. This offers consumer an assurance that using this product will help them acquire the amount of energy they need to power up their homes or businesses without breaking their pockets. This is exactly what you want, right?

The makers

The product is manufactured by SunPower. A company owned by Cypress Semiconductor Corp. They focus on designing, developing, and manufacturing high performing silicon solar cells. Some of their initial products were used for high performance applications, including NASA.

Aside from SunPower PV modules, they also develop Sunpower panel, Sunpower cells and also leading the market when it comes to manufacturing Sunpower power supply.

The company is known to apply technological breakthroughs; making their products simply outstanding. They continue to develop products that can withstand any weather condition and those products that will help mankind in using renewable energy so they can do their part in saving the environment.

The company aims to continue manufacturing solar energy systems just like Sunpower PV modules for families as well as for different companies to help them in reducing their electric bills.

Sunpower modules have been recognized by renewable energy industries such as PHOTON Magazine, Sandia National Laboratories that is based in Albuquerque, as well as Energy Focus Ltd., (ENF). Being recognized by these highly respected industries validates that Sun Power technology offers the highest cell and panel efficiency. This would mean lower installation costs as compared to the use of conventional or thin film technology.


Sunpower 300 or Sunpower SPR 300 solar panels are incredible. They are highly efficient and performance-wise, they’re some of the best ones available in the market today. They are using amazing technology that you will not be able to find on other product. One example is 96 Sunpower all black-contact solar cell. The product delivers a total of panel conversion efficiency of 18.4%, giving it an edge over its competitors.

Sun Power designs, develops and delivers high-performance solar electric technology world wide. Their high efficiency solar cells can generate up to 50 percent more power than any other conventional solar cells.

Benefits of the Sunpower 300

• The product offers 18.4 percent of panel efficiency. It is higher than any other available panel of similar size available in the market.

• It delivers more power of up to 50 percent per unit than any other conventional solar panel and 100 percent more than thin film solar panels.

• It saves you time and money since you don’t have to buy a lot of solar panels. Having fewer solar panels means lower installation fees as well.

• Getting one now can also entitle you to either a 10 year limited product warranty or a 25 year limited power warranty.

• It has a unique appearance; making it a popular choice for several architects worldwide.

• It can convert virtually every accessible photon into useable electricity; maximizing annual energy production. That means more power to you as the end user.

• It helps reduce your carbon footprint so you can easily gain energy independence.

• You can also take advantage of federal, state and local incentives that are being offered in specific areas if you decide to use or install it in your house.

• It would also help you save not only from installation cost but also in saving cost from your electric bills.

Investing in this product has its long term advantages. You have the assurance that it will deliver great results for many years to come. Keep in mind that Sunpower solar panel price differ per product. Thus, it’s recommended that you do your research online first before you make a purchase.


The Sunpower 315 is the latest and one of the most powerful solar panels in the world released by Sun Power Corporation. A lot of people choose this product because of its durability, performance, and because it’s not costly to install.

Getting to know the product

Sun power 315 is known for its highest efficiency of 19.3%. Comparing it with other products, it can produce 50% more power per unit area and 100% more than thin film solar panels. Just imagine that extra energy. You can use it to power up almost all of your electronics either at home or perhaps on a business that you own.

If you start using this product, you can save a lot of money from the installation cost. Since one panel can produce so much energy, you won’t need a lot of them to get the amount of energy you need. This will help you save time and will save you from the hassle of setting a lot of solar panels.

The company is using only high quality materials such as tempered front glass and a sturdy anodized frame that are proven effective and reliable. Using these fine materials allows the panel to operate in multiple mounting configurations. Sunpower 315 utilizes 96 next generation Sunpower all-back contract solar cells. The panels that are designed for this product help reduce voltage temperature coefficient and help in delivering exceptional low-light performance attributes. This provides outstanding energy delivery per peak power watt.

Why choose Sunpower 315?

As compared to choosing other brands, Sunpower 315 offers more features such as anti-reflective coated glass that allows for more diffuse off-angle light to be captured, meaning it generates more energy than a conventional solar panel. Since it is build with larger area cells, the tendency is that, it absorbs more light per panel that will obviously lead to more high energy output.

Compared to other brands, Sunpowerf315 is more visually-appealing. This is the reason why it’s an obvious choice for a lot of architects and homeowners. Using this product doesn’t require you to purchase a lot of solar cells to get the energy you want. Therefore, you can benefit from lower installation costs.

Based on the latest product reviews, a lot of people are really satisfied with their Sunpower 315. So, it is definitely something that you must consider when you decide to power up your home or business using solar energy.


The Sunpower T10 is a solar roof pre-engineered to tilt at a 10 degree angle so that it improves the way it catches energy from the sun. They are made from durable and lightweight materials. The roof tiles are interlocked for a secure and quick installation process. The design is made to stay firm during strong winds and corrosion. Sunpower T10 is very easy to attach to any size or flat rooftop, making it a popular choice for most people who want to use renewable energy.

Its benefits & features

• It absorbs and save more sunlight. More sunlight means more power to you as the end user. It is especially build at a 10 degree tilt angle so it can provide you with the amount of energy you need.

• Sunpower T10 solar roof tiles are hassle-free to install. They do not require any mechanical roof attachments.

• As Sunpower T10 is available almost everywhere and because they are very easy to install, you save lot of time and effort.

• You don’t have to worry about your existing electrical network since its low profile design fits into any flat roof and flat ground sites.

• Installing Sunpower T10 will not cause any roof operations or drainage problems.

• This product was made to withstand high or strong winds. It is specially engineered for aerodynamic stability.

• Using this product can even entitle you to a 30 percent Federal Energy Tax Credit and utility rebates depending on which state you’re in.