What are Swimming Pool Solar Heaters?

Based on relevant surveys, more and more people are now investing on swimming pool solar heaters. This is because a lot of pool owners have seen the benefits of having one.

One is that you get to have more swimming time despite the cold weather. Another reason is that it can help you save a lot of money by reducing your electric bills. Not only that, you also get to contribute in saving the environment.

Swimming pool solar heaters reduce green house emissions and therefore do not cause pollution.

How do I get one?

Although purchasing one from either an online or brick-and-mortar solar store is definitely an option, you will save tons of money if you will just build one. Doing this is relatively easy as long as you have the needed skills and relevant experience. You’ll be happy to know that there are several DIY pool heat easy installation kits that you can avail of. They can surely make the whole process a bit easier for you.

These do-it-yourself installation kits have easy instructions that you can follow without breaking a single sweat. They come with clear step-by-step procedures and relevant diagrams or pictures so you can visualize the whole process.

You’ll need a couple of tools and materials to set one up. These are the following:

• Solar panels

• Heat pumps

• PVC pipes

• Solar Ring

• Black rubber hoses

• Solar blanket

Once you have all your materials ready and your handy do-it-yourself kit, you can start setting your swimming pool solar heaters. Make sure to follow all the steps properly so you’ll get your desired result.

How to heat a swimming pool

Once installed, the next thing to do is to heat up the pool. Heating a swimming pool can be done in several ways. These include the following:

• You can heat it up by using solar panels. Just be reminded that you need to have plenty of space for this to happen. You’ll need the space as you set up the solar panels. The use of solar panels will require a collector device. This device is what’s going to help solar panels absorb sunlight.

• The use of solar blankets is another way to heat up a pool. These help prevent the evaporation of the water from your pool therefore, decreases the chances of heat loss.

• The use of solar rings swimming pool is another good alternative. It is actually a cheaper way of keeping your pool warm. These are made up of very light and clear disks that are placed on top of your pool.

What’s new?

If you own a greenhouse, it would be a great idea to get a solar heater for greenhouse as well.

Green houses are known to utilize sunlight.

Having a solar heater can help store that heat when the weather starts to get a bit too cold. So if you are looking for your next project, you may want to build and install a solar heater for your greenhouse.