Where to Buy Solar Cells Wholesale – Discover the Best Way to Save On Your Solar Panels

Looking where to buy solar cells wholesale? It’s easier to find bulk solar panel suppliers than when you’re looking for single-unit suppliers. Most solar panel manufacturers prefer to offer their products wholesale and offer special prices for bulk buyers. So it is always a better idea to buy solar cells bulk.

Those who buy solar panels wholesale do so to be able to supply solar panels to other end users as well. But if you want to buy solar panels for your personal use, you can also consider buying in bulk and simply reselling the excess products to your friends and relatives, or supplying it to a store. This way, you get discounted rates for your solar panel, and you can even earn extra for the excess that you sell.

The advantages of buying in bulk is clear. The question now is, where to buy solar cells wholesale?

Cheap Solar Cells for Sale at Wholesale Prices – Where to Find Them

1. Go online.

One of the most effective ways of finding cheap wholesale solar cells is to go shopping online. There are many advantages to shopping online. Most manufacturers are able to provide products at lower prices online because they don’t have to pay for overhead and operating costs for their store operation. Aside from that, they know that a single click can make them lose a potential customer, and that competition online is just within reach. Thus, they lower their prices to attract and convince more customers.

Shopping online can also give you easy access to a wide range of products so you can compare them and their prices with just a few clicks. This makes pre-purchase research easier and more convenient, and comparison shopping less of a hassle.

2. Go straight to manufacturers.

If you’re planning to buy wholesale anyway, make sure to go straight to manufacturers, instead of passing through retailers. Retailers do nothing but facilitate the sale and add their own markup to the total price they will charge you. But since you’re buying in bulk, manufacturers will be glad to accommodate you. This way, you can get the basic price they offer and won’t have to pay extra for the middlemen.

3. Seek group discounts.

If you don’t want to sell solar panels and just want them for your personal use, you can still get them at wholesale prices is you seek group discounts. You can look for other interested buyers so you can group your purchase together.

Estimating Solar Cell Price for Wholesale Purchases

If you are willing to buy solar cells wholesale, you can get them for as low as $2 to $2.50 per watt for large and small scale buyers respectively. This was already reduced from a price point of $3.50 to $5 just a few years back.

However, make sure to clarify the type and quality of the solar cell for sale especially if it is extremely affordable. Check if they are new models or they have been compromised in some way; for example, since manufacturers easily come up with new models, they usually sell the old models at lower prices. Also, make sure that even when you buy in reduced wholesale prices, you still get the complete package, which includes the solar panels plus the mounting hardware and the entire kit needed for installation.