Wind Energy Products: From Stocks to Jobs

It’s common knowledge that the wind can produce electricity, but it’s only one of the many "wind energy products" that you can enjoy and earn some income from. To give you an idea of what they are, check out the list below:

Wind Energy for Electricity

One of the most common wind energy products is sale of electricity consumption. There’s no question that putting up wind turbines can be pretty costly, especially if they are going to be many and huge. However, if you can generate excess electricity, you can actually come up with a utility firm and distribute electricity to households within your area.

Now let’s suppose that you sell your electricity at a price of 10 cents per kilowatt hour, and the total electrical consumption is 75,000 per month; then within 30 days, you can already earn $7,500. The good news is that since the wind is a renewable energy, you can have constant supply of it.

Wind Energy Equipment

If you cannot sell electricity, then most definitely you can sell wind energy equipment. This means that you will be offering a wind energy kit to different homes and small businesses. So far, in the United States, around 94 percent already have sellers of these types of wind energy products.

What’s inside the kit? First, you have the wind turbine, with the basic components such as the rotor, generator, and gear box.

You also have the mini tower, where you are going to attach the blades. Unlike the ones you see in wind farms, the blades used in small wind power equipment systems are small. Sometimes they only have three rotating blades. The gear box can just increase the output of wind energy.

You need to coordinate with a much bigger company, which becomes your main supplier for these products. It is highly important that you can do comparison shopping before you settle for one. You need to take note of the reputation or track record of the firm. You should also be able to count on constant supply of kits, as well as customer support.

Wind Energy Stock

If you want to earn passive income, then you may want to pay attention to wind energy stocks to buy—and there are a lot. This is because there are already a growing number of countries and companies that are involved in manufacturing, selling, and distributing various wind energy products. To further boost their profits, they sell some of their stocks in the market, and you’re free to own some of them.

You can find a good list of pure and semi-pure players online. Nevertheless, these companies should still be subject to your scrutiny. If you are truly involve in the propagation of wind energy, it makes perfect sense if you can pick stocks from firms that are considered to be pure players.

Wind Energy Jobs

The increasing popularity of wind energy also has a huge impact in the economy. It helps generate over 2,000 employees in the country. There are also a number of small businesses that are able to survive because they are the main sources for the parts used in making a wind turbine.