Wind Energy Source: Do You Know Much?

How many people are using the wind energy source? The answer is pretty small: only one percent in the entire world. However, one should not completely ignore the power of using wind energy to generate the necessary amount of electricity.

As more are becoming aware of how it works and its advantages, there are several who are shifting gears, and the wind may just save us from the constantly rising price of electricity and problems in air pollution.

Define Wind Energy

The wind is simply defined as the air in motion. Since it has its own mass, when it moves, it produces its own kinetic energy, which can make anything such as wind turbines work. You are able to produce wind when the hot air rises and the cold air sets in.

How Is Wind Energy Used Today?

The wind energy source is utilized in a lot of ways. For example, it provides the necessary power to mobilize sailboats or parachutes. The movement of the wind will also be the basis for airplanes. They should move together with the direction of the wind.

However, the greatest use of wind energy source today will be in giving us a viable alternative for fossil fuels and coals. These two conventional sources of electricity are fast depleting, making electrical consumption expensive.

How It Works

Here’s how wind energy is transformed into electrical energy. The turbines that you see in wind farms are composed of different parts. The blades are the ones you see turning, and depending on how fast they do, you will know the amount of electricity the wind turbine can generate.

The blades are powered by a rotor. There’s also an enclosure called nacelle, which contains two components: gear box and generator. The former is no longer being used by newer versions of turbines, but they can be utilized to increase the wind energy output. The generator is the one that converts wind energy to electrical energy. There are also different cables and electrical equipment attached. These are the paths that electricity travels before they reach distribution companies.

When the electrical energy reaches the utility firms, the power usually small, but it can be amplified to a volt enough to power all their subscribers.

Advantage of Using Alternative Renewable Wind Energy in Economy

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider wind energy resources. The biggest will be in terms of economics. The cost of operating a wind farm, in general, is pretty cheap.

It will cost you only 5 cents for every kilowatt hour. It will cost you less if your demand is small or if you have set up your own wind energy residential.

What’s more, the U.S. government is now giving tax breaks on communities and individuals who are changing their source of electricity to wind energy source.

It also encourages jobs. Based on the latest information provided by the American Wind Energy Association, the wind industry is supporting over 2,000 people from more than 40 states in the country.

It also allows small businesses to thrive, especially those that manufacture the parts and those that provide wind energy kits for homes and small businesses.