Wind Power Map: Know Where to Set Up Farms

What is a wind power map? There is no doubt that wind energy may just be the answer to the increasing issue when it comes to the depleting supply of coal and fossil fuels. These two main sources for electricity are already at critical levels, making the cost of their acquisition more expensive. This then also raises the amount of kilowatt-hour paid by consumers.

The problem is that you cannot see a lot of wind farms all over the world. There are two reasons for this. First, there may not be enough wind power energy that can generate electricity. Second, there is no sufficient study that can tell about the potential of the wind to generate power. To confirm, though, you need to make use of a wind power map.

Studying the Wind Power Maps

With the use of a wind power map, you will be able to find the answers to three important factors relating to wind energy. These are wind power density, wind power potential, and wind power efficiency.

Wind power density refers to the amount of energy in a particular site that can be converted into electrical energy by the wind turbine. This is measured by watts for every square meter. Of course, the higher the density the more effective the wind farm will be since it only means that it has enough capacity to generate more than enough electrical power for all subscribers.

You also have the wind power potential. This is a form of an evaluation where you can determine which sites hold greater promise of generating electricity through wind energy and thus can be excellent places to build wind turbines in. Through the use of formulations, you can then generate a wind power map to have a graphic representation of possible locations for wind industry.

Here is the good news: As early as 2005, it is already known that wind power is much higher or greater than what is being used for electrical consumption. The total amount of energy is 5 times that what is consumed on land—this, even if only those winds that have mean yearly speeds of less than 6.9 meters per second have been taken into account.

Lastly, you have wind power efficiency, which simply states the effectiveness of the wind farms to maximize the amount of wind energy produced. Thanks to the ever-changing technology, more wind farms and turbines are able to produce greater electricity with very few parts.

Where to Find a Wind Energy Power Map

A wind energy power map can be used to plot locations where there is high wind potential, efficiency, and density. It will then be easier for investors to know where to put money for infrastructure, for communities to identify the best sites for wind farms, and for planners to come up with the most effective wind turbines.

Fortunately, a wind energy power map can already be accessed through the World Wide Web. All you need to do is to simply download the image.