Learning through Wind Speed Maps

Why is it important for you to study the wind speed maps? This is because if you’re planning to promote wind farms in your area or if you want to set up a wind turbine in your property, you need enough wind speed to generate electricity. You can then use this wind maps to know the average annual speed in your location.

Wind Direction Definition

There are a number of factors that can affect the data found in wind speed maps. The first one is called wind direction. This simply refers to the air motion in the planet’s surface. You can determine the movement of the air through the use of tools such as compass.

The direction of the wind will always be opposite to where it’s coming from. For example, if you say that the wind is northwesterly, then it means it originates from the northwestern region and is moving to southeast.

The truth is that anyone can practically identify the direction of the wind. Have you been to traditional farms? If you can look up, you will notice that they have wind vanes attached on roofs. The movement of the wind can also affect the condition of their crops. However, a map shows you more accurate information.

Prevailing Wind Direction Map

A type of the wind speed map is the prevailing wind direction map, which shows you the prevailing winds in different parts of the world. This describes the type of wind found in a particular region and then has a huge effect on its climate. Almost all regions in the world have prevailing winds, except for the equator. This area has what is called doldrums.

Prevailing winds are produced when the hot air rises and the cold air goes down in lieu of the former. Once the air reaches the troposphere, it will then move in an orbital motion or across latitudes all over the earth. Its motion is caused by Coriolis force.

Details in the Wind Speed Maps

The wind maps USA will show you the average annual wind speed all across the different states. Usually, they have a specified height level, and for the purpose of study, it’s 80 meters. Now, those areas that have a mean speed of 6.5 meters per second and above at 80 meters in height can be a good location for wind turbines.

It may also provide you details about wind gust. A gust is described as the sudden but short increase of wind speed. It will only last for at most 20 seconds. The United States weather observation agency states that there is a wind gust if the highest wind speed is around 16 knots and when the difference in between peaks is about 9 knots.

Knowing the gust of wind in the area is important since it serves as one of the defining factors when you’re going to build lateral infrastructure such as wind turbines.

If you wish to educate yourself more on wind speed, you can just download the avarage wind speed map through the World Wide Web.