Do You Know How Wind Turbine Electricity Work?

Wind turbine electricity — how can wind energy help light up hundreds of homes in an area? Indeed, the technology has changed the way we generate electricity. Because of the rising demand for alternative energy, there is a very huge chance that households are now going to pay less for their electrical consumption.

But for you to be able to appreciate the ultimate power of wind turbines electricity, it is imperative that you know how it really works.

It Starts with the Plan :

Before you can ever have wind turbines or wind farms, there should be a plan. There are actually a lot of factors that can affect wind turbine electricity generation. One is the speed of the wind. The ideal mean annual speed should be around 6.5 miles per hour. You also have to think about your location because of the prevailing winds.

The different factors will then be considered when making the wind turbine grid connection. Those that belong to the grid shall be the ones that will be supplied with the converted electrical energy.

Then We Move on to Parts :

To generate wind turbine electrical system, you need the right types of parts. First you have the blades. These are the ones that you see rotating during strong winds. They are attached to the rotor, which basically controls them. Then there is the nacelle, which is a box that has the wind turbine electric generator and the gear box.

The gear box is the one used to increase the output of the wind energy. Because of newer technologies, there are already several wind turbines that no longer need it. However, a wind turbine cannot function without the generator. After all, this is the one responsible for converting wind energy into electrical energy.

Powering Homes

Wind turbines electricity generation can then be used to power up thousands of homes all over the world. The turbines are connected to wires, cables, and other electrical equipment. The wind turbine electricity passes through it and then proceeds to the distribution company. It is then the responsibility of these utility firms to increase the voltage of the electricity to become sufficient to the needs of the households.

Making Your Own :

Nevertheless, do you know that you can opt not to depend on these companies for your electricity? You can simply generate your own electricity.

There are two ways on how you can do it. First, you call a professional who can set up the residential wind turbine in your property. The good thing about this is that it does not give you any hassle even if you are going to pay quite a hefty fee.

Another is to install it on your own. There are already quite a number of kits you can buy online, and they are cheap, not costing more than $200. They also come with manuals, so you can set up the wind turbines with ease. However, because they are too small, you cannot expect them to supply you with full electricity.