Wind Energy: Its Significance Today

What is the importance of wind energy? Why are there so many countries that are now shifting their electrical source from the conventional fossil fuel to wind?

The wind, one of the greatest natural resources, has proven to be effective in providing electricity to thousands of homes all over the world. Because it’s completely renewable and therefore limitless, it becomes a lot cheaper than fossil fuel, which is now being threatened by very short supplies. Moreover, it is being preferred by many environmental enthusiasts because it doesn’t promote air pollution, which causes acid rain and therefore the deaths of many flora and fauna and the fast deterioration of structures.

What Is Wind Energy?

The wind can be described as moving air. It is produced whenever hot air begins to rise and the cooler air goes down. A lot of people don’t know that air actually has its own mass, and therefore it is capable of giving off a certain kind of energy. A part of this energy can then be converted to make or produce something such as electricity.

Wind Power Facts

Though wind is produced all over the world, not all countries may fully benefit from it simply because there are several factors that have to be considered. For one, you need to know the wind speed. It is important that there’s enough wind speed to power the turbines. Otherwise, you will need to invest a lot on infrastructure just to produce the required energy, increasing the total usage cost of consumers.

You also have to think about the wind farm. A substantial amount of land should be dedicated to this alternative energy project, since generally bigger wind farms can produce more energy and lower down electrical consumption.

Lastly, one should keep in mind the total investment cost. Putting up a wind farm isn’t cheap. Fortunately, with the implementation of new technologies and support from the government such as tax breaks, more companies and individuals would patronize this type of energy source.

How Does Wind Energy Work?

One of the most important components to produce wind energy is the wind turbine. It is composed by a tubular tower that is made of steel. On top of it you will see the blades, which will rotate whenever there is wind. It is made of fibreglass. On top of the turbine, you will see the nacelle, which then contains the gearbox (which may not be found in other setups) and drive train. The tower will then be connected to a series of cables, controls, and other electrical equipment.

The process of converting wind energy to electrical energy goes like this: When the wind starts to blow, the blades will then begin to turn. Depending on the speed of the wind, the blade will then turn the shaft on found inside the nacelle, as well as the gearbox. The latter will then be responsible to power the generator, which will then convert the wind energy into electrical energy.

The electrical power that has been produced from wind power will then be delivered straight into a transformer in the wind power plant, which will modify the generated voltage to a much higher one, so it can be evenly distributed among households.

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