All the Windmill Facts You Need to Know Before Getting or Building One

Start collecting key windmill facts if you’re considering getting or building your own windmill at home.

Windmills are machineries that have been used for centuries now, but lately, with the demand for alternative sources of energy, the concept of using wind power became popular again. These unique machines use rotating blades to create energy from wind.

Based on 2008 records, 1.3% of the U.S. energy production was generated using windmills. This totaled to 52 billion kwh, which can power up entire states.

In the past, they were confined to large structures with long rotors whose job was mostly to produce mechanical energy for milling companies; today, they have been modified a bit and are also known as wind turbines, although the original windmills still exist. Around a thousand of them can still be found in the Netherlands.

Originally, wind turbines produce electrical energy, while the original machines produce mechanical energy. But due to later innovation, smaller windmills can produce electricity and can even be used to power up households just by connecting them to an alternator, which converts wind energy to electrical energy.

These days, people are most interested in windmills used for homes and those that can be built on your own.

The Domestic Windmill

The windmill for homes is a smaller version of the original wind power generating machine. The residential windmill is reduced in size so it can fit into limited spaces in residential areas. They are also reduced in capacity to just around 1200 watts of electrical energy every month.

Getting a windmill you can use at home means you don’t ever have to pay for electricity anymore.

However, since installing a wind generation system can be quite expensive at first, some homeowners also divide their electricity usage and source some from their windmill and some from electrical companies. This depends on how much you are willing to spend for a windmill and also on the velocity of wind in your location.

To avail of a windmill you can use at home, you can order an entire home windmill generator from professional suppliers who can do all the work for you. It is now also possible to build your own windmill at home.

DIY windmill kits are now available; all you have to do is assemble them.

If you’re wondering where best to install your windmill, you may also consider garden windmills, which double as garden décor. Garden windmills, however, have more limited energy capacity but the free energy they provide will still prove useful.

How Wind Energy is Produced

Wind is produced when the heat the sun produces on earth becomes uneven; this is why wind power is simply a form of solar energy. In order to produce wind power that can be used as electrical energy, windmills require different things.

One important thing you should know is that, regardless of whether you use ancient windmills or modern wind turbines, they won’t produce energy unless the wind is blowing. This is why if you need electrical energy, the power is stored in batteries.

Also, in order for it to complete the wind generation process, windmills need a specific area with lots of empty space so the wind flow will not be obstructed.