A Simple Guide to Wind Turbines

The truth is that you will never be able to produce wind energy if you don’t make use of wind turbines. That’s why if you’re planning to use this mode of alternative energy to power up a home or you’d like to suggest installing a wind farm in your community, you must have at least a basic idea of what it is.

Basic Wind Turbine Design

Wind energy turbines are made up of different parts. First, you have the wind generator blades. You will not miss them. They are the ones that rotate whenever there is wind available. They are usually made of fiberglass to keep them very strong and resistant to harsh environmental elements such as snow and too much sunlight.

The blade can be of two types. You have the drag-style, which is the one commonly used in more traditional-looking windmills in the Netherlands. The blades are generally flat. The other is called lifting style, which is considered to be more efficient.

Wind power turbines also have a small box attached to the rotor, which contains the blades. It’s known as a nacelle. Its main purpose is to protect two other important parts, such as the gear box and the generator. The former has the ability to increase the amount of energy output. The latter, on the other hand, follows the gear box and is responsible for converting wind energy into electrical energy. Newer designs of wind power turbine no longer have any gear box.

All the components are then installed in a wind tower. It is tubular in nature and made of steel. Most towers are several feet in height because higher winds are much better and more effective than lower winds.

Residential Wind Turbines

Normally, homes that depend on wind energy for their electrical consumption would have to “buy” it from their local utility. However, you can also come up with your own residential wind turbine and produce your own electricity. That will basically reduce your bill to as much as 90 percent.

However, before you can install your own turbines, there are certain factors you need to consider. First, you need to know your required electric power. You definitely need a much bigger wind power turbine if you consume more electricity. Moreover, if this is the case, you have to invest more on infrastructure and look for a bigger lot, which may be difficult if you’re living in a suburban or urban area.

You also need enough wind speed to power the rotors and produce the amount of electricity you desire. The ideal wind speed would be 10 miles per hour.

Nevertheless, you can always begin small and buy kits from several suppliers now found online. The parts are very basic, where the rotors may not be more than one meter in diameter.

New Wind Turbine Technology

Wind powered turbines—and their parts—are constantly upgraded to ensure that the coming generations would pay much less on alternative energy. For example, a new generator in the market may now be capable to increase the electrical output to as much as 50 percent.

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